Social Responsibility

Environmental Protection

CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a controlled subsidiary of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group. Since establishment, the company has always kept in mind the social responsibility of a central enterprise, actively responded to national calls, followed the requirements of the group company, and stuck to the development strategy of energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection and green development.

As revealed by data, the carbon emission of coal-fired power generation is 275 (g-c/kWh), while the carbon emission of photovoltaic power generation is only 55 (g-c/kWh). CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a company for comprehensive solar energy utilization, which integrates equipment manufacturing, technical R&D, and project development, construction and operation by taking advantage of the environment-friendly and pollution-free characteristic of solar power.

CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. actively performs the social responsibility of a central enterprise and has done a lot of practical work for local people in tax revenue, public welfare, employment promotion and handling of major disasters. By June 2013, the total installed capacity of its power stations had reached 860MW and its accumulated quantity of controlled solar energy resources had exceeded 15,000MW. Its accumulated power generation is 720.60 million kilowatt hours. It has saved 288,240 tons of standard coal and reduced GHG CO2 emission by 728,040 tons, GHG SO2 emission by 21,618 tons and carbon dust emission by 196,003 tons.

Responsibilities and Practices

CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co。, Ltd。 remembers its social responsibility and always considers benefiting the society as its duty。 It is devoted to public welfare activities and gives full play to its exemplary and leading role of a central enterprise。

The western region of China has plentiful solar energy resources and vast wild land and may build solar power stations on a large scale. The construction of power stations has effectively fueled local economy, promoted production and employment and made active contribution to the great development of the western region. The construction of our power stations has been extended to Ningxia, Xinjiang, Gansu and Qinghai and assumed the heavy responsibility of China’s “West Development Strategy”. It is an incumbent duty of a central enterprise. In 2010, at the central work symposium on Xinjiang, the company gave active response to national calls, initiated a Xinjiang assistance program and officially signed a contract with Shanshan County, Xinjiang for construction of a photovoltaic power generation project to promote local economy, receiving high attention and vigorous support of local governments. In 2011, Xinjiang Shanshan phase-1 20MW power station project was successfully connected to the grid and generated power. In 2012, the company will continue the construction of the phase-2 20MW power station project, realize connection to the grid and make greater contribution to the development of the western region.

大富翁水果机Meanwhile, the company exerts effort in the development of people’s livelihood in undeveloped countries。 In order to assist the development of Africa, the company and China Land Group – the parent company of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group jointly developed “Lighting up Countryside” Africa Mali Solar Energy Project。 Mali is in the center of West Africa。 Same as many African countries, Mali faces a universal problem of backward grid infrastructure facilities and inadequate power supply and some villages even don’t have power supply。 The company will adopt advanced solar power off-grid technology and provide a household solar lighting system, solar street lamps and solar water pumps and other facilities for residents living in deserts and waste lands far from cities。 The completion of the project will significantly improve the living standard of local residents, raise the power generation capacities of African countries, alleviate energy shortage and promote sustained economic development and social stability of African countries。 To address the demand of domestic and foreign solar power projects, the company keeps tapping the application fields of small and medium photovoltaic products。 The cooperative products of the company have exported to Sudan, Ethiopia, Zambia, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Pakistan, India, Burma, Mongolia and other countries and regions to light up the countries in Asia and Africa。

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