Established in September 2009 with a registered capital of 2.82 Billion RMB, CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a holding subsidiary of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group. In the field of solar energy utilization, the company has following 8 advantages: the largest reserve of resources, the richest experiences in investment, the strongest ability in cost control, the most complete industrial chain, the best brand effect, the highest gross return, the standardization of enterprise management and the highest-quality staff.
It is an excellent enterprise which integrates product manufacture, technology R&D, project development and construction, and remains the position of China's largest solar energy utilization investor and operator with the strongest comprehensive competitiveness.
Explicitly adopting a strategic direction of "flourishing both at home and abroad", the company devotes itself to the strategic orientation of "extending businesses from application to manufacture and supporting PV utilization by product manufacture; expanding businesses from domestic market to overseas market and supplementing the domestic market with international businesses".
It pursues the strategic goal of “remaining to be the largest national investor and operator of solar energy power plants, and creating an excellent enterprise of solar energy exploitation covering businesses of product manufacture, technology R&D, and project development, construction and operation." At present, the company has constructed and operated over 860MWp PV power plants and has a reserved projects pipeline of over 15000MWp.
After established a PV manufacturing base with internationally advanced technology, the company has gradually extended its businesses into the whole industrial chain.
To expand its businesses abroad, the company has set up subsidiaries in Luxemburg, Italy, US, Australia and Hong Kong. In collaboration with advanced enterprises in the world, the company is consolidating its leading position in the industry and will make its contribution to the development of new energy.
With top technical talents, scientific maintenance and management systems, a developed enterprise cultural system, high level operation and management abilities, and inspired by its enterprise spirits, i.e. endeavor and dedication, being realistic and innovative, confronting difficulties, unity and collaboration, vigorous and resolute, and pursuing excellence, the company is creating itself as an internationalized enterprise with the biggest interests, the most outstanding brand and the best image.

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