We are engaged in the undertaking of solar energy which is renewable, abundant and pollution free. This is a lofty undertaking that benefits the offspring, creates a new way of life for human, and leads the society and mankind to an age of energy efficiency and pollution reduction.

Since its establishment, CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has made rapid and great leaps forward. It has expanded its team from few employees to thousands of staff members, successfully enlarged its profit to over 100 million RMB. As an industry leader, it always maintains the position of the largest investor and operator in Chinese solar energy circle. All these are attributed to our hardworking employees, who well explain the company’s principle of “dedication, practice, innovation, courage, unity, efficiency and excellence” and its vision of “communication, trust, support and dedication”, and give birth to the company’s “Sunshine Culture”.
We are aware that it is a tough and long way for the company to proceed rapidly and steadily towards the brilliant future of PV industry. We call for more versatile talents to join in solar power undertaking, to convert the golden sunshine into endless power, to grow with the company, to build the company which provides fine products, clean energy and social benefits, and to produce more green energy for the planet where we live.

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