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Participate in SNEC PV Power Expo

Source: Author: Date:2012-04-01

The SNEC 5th (2011) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo was held in Pudong, Shanghai from 22 to 24 February 2011. As China's largest power plant investor and operator, CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd participated in this exhibition.

The scale of this year's exhibition is unprecedented with over 1,800 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and more than 100,000 visitors. Our company's booth, which was simple but fashionable, was located in E5 pavilion and covered an area of 180 square meters. A large number of visitors were attracted to our booth which well demonstrated the image and strength of our company and CECEP.

Our company leaders attached great importance to this exhibition and many of them, such as our general manager Cao Huabin, secretary Zhang Hua, vice general manager Song Aizhen and general engineer and general manager of Zhenjiang company Jiang Likai went to the site to have talks with key partners.

This exhibition not only promoted the brand image of CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd but also brought business opportunities to the company. During the exhibition, we contacted many internationally renowned raw materials and equipment suppliers and actively worked to expand our domestic and overseas sales market. Our leaders held talks with many senior leaders of Belgian Enfinity over cooperation models and details of project operation forms in 2011. In addition, they also discussed cooperation over PV inverters and components with companies like Belgian GREEN POWER TECH and GRUPOTEC and German SCATEC SOLAR and signed cooperation memorandum with many foreign companies.

Overseas PV power plant investment and building of an international PV module industry base in Zhenjiang are the two main tasks for our company in 2011. We will actively respond to CECEP's development strategy of going out and build a positive corporate image as well as a sound brand image of future products of CECEP by cooperating with world class enterprises, learning from advanced solar power plant construction experience and using projects to drive domestic components sales and expand future sales channels so as to make bigger profits.

大富翁水果机CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co。, Ltd signed a memorandum of understanding with Green Pwer during this exhibition。

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