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Unite As a Team and Spare No Efforts To Complete Work of the Year——Solar Energy Company Holding the Half-year Work Meeting of 2013

Source: Author: Date:2013-08-12

From August 7 to 9, 2013, Solar Energy Company held its half-year work meeting in Wuzhong of Ningxia. The 26 participants included CECEP Vice General Manager Chen Shuguang, and General Manager Cao Huabin and Party Secretary Song Aizhen and all management team members of Solar Energy Company, as well as leaders of Headquarters departments, regions and subsidiaries. In a form of roundtable symposium to enhance communication, participants shared experiences, analyzed current weaknesses, defined work objectives for the second half of the year, and raised solutions to build a solid foundation for success of the year’s work.

Song Aizhen conveyed the spirit of CECEP’s half-year work meeting and interpreted General Manager Wang Tongzhou’s report titled “Achieve Objectives of the Year and Build Solid Foundation for the Three-Year Term of Office.” She also conveyed the spirit of the speeches of Secretary Chen Jin’en and Board Chairman Wang Xiaokang, and asked participants to further study after the meeting. 

Cao Huabin briefly introduced and commented on the work in the first half, and pointed out the weaknesses such as insufficient new project reserve, poor supervision of ongoing projects, slow implementation of PV agricultural projects, incomplete regional management system and the backward talent pool that lagged behind growth of the Company. He also made arrangements of the work in the second half. Mr. Cao stressed that the meeting was intended to analyze weaknesses in our work, make detailed plans for tasks in the second half, and ensure implementation of the tasks. 

The meeting also announced the assessment results of subsidiaries’ performance in 2012, and released the provisional measures for assessment of the annual performance of chief officers of regional companies and the provisional measures for annual salary categories of regional companies.

In the symposium, the ten Headquarters departments, eight regions and three subsidiaries made reports on their work results in the first half, major weaknesses and tasks in the second half, and listened to suggestions from other units. The detailed reports focused on their weaknesses and the plans and implementation measures for the second half. While the suggestions centered on the key points of work and task indices to solve problems, create new work philosophy and facilitate the Company’s transformation, upgrade and improvement of management, building a solid foundation for success in operation indices.

Chen Shuguang made an overall conclusion on the four-year development of Solar Energy Company. He acknowledged the periodical achievements of the Company, and appreciated that the meeting in a form of symposium facilitated in-depth communication to analyze weaknesses during the development and make good preparations for the work in the second half of the year and the completion of annual assessment indices. He stressed that Solar Energy Company after four years’ development had stepped into a brand new development platform and a better development phase. Pursuant to the spirit of the meeting and the annual plan, it should lay foundation for its restructuring and IPO through optimizing its corporate governance structure, raise project profits through innovating project modes, upgrade project quality through enhancing supervision and elevate management level through improving the operating system, so as to achieve the annual task indices and build the Company into a solar energy investor and operator with the best economic profits, the best development quality, the best development mode, the best management mode and the best core competitiveness, and the first listed Chinese company with power plant operation and management as its major business.

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