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CECEP Solar Energy Horgos Phase I 30MW PV Project connected to the power grid

Source: Author: Date:2015-04-20

With more than eight months of hard working, the Phase I Project of Horgos of CECEP Solar Energy Co. Ltd., the 30MW project, was connected to the grid for the power generation on April 15, 2015, ushering in the new era of green energy of the No. 4 Division.

The Horgos Phase I 30MW project is located in the industrial park of No.63 Regiment of No.4 Division and covers an area of more than 1200 mu. The plant area has more than 120,000 solar cells, and generates about 37 million kWh a year on average. The completion of this project will enhance the vigorous development of the relevant industries such as building materials, transportation and equipment manufacturing, play an active role for the employment improvement and the development of the tertiary industry so as to drive the regional economic development and social progress. The project will also improve the grid structure of this area and offer certain support for the regional power grid.

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