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CECEP Luntai Phase II 30MW project starts construction

Source: Author: Date:2015-05-01

大富翁水果机At 12:00, July 31, 2015, the commencement ceremony of the CECEP Luntai Phase II 30MW project was held in Layisu Chemical Park of Luntai County. Zhang Hong, executive deputy director of Luntai County, Liu Yongping, deputy director of the Luntai Industrial Park Administrative Committee, and other leaders and distinguished guests attended the ceremony.

The Phase II 30MW PV power generation project was registered at the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission on July 4, 2015, and has a total investment of RMB260 million。 When it is completed, it can contribute 38。37 million kwh of green power to the grid a year, saving 12,278 tons of standard coal。 Moreover, it can correspondingly reduce emission of various air pollutants, e。g。 32,200 tons of carbon dioxide a month, 104。37 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 90。86 tons of nitrogen oxides。

The replacement of the coal-fired power plant with the PV power plant will help reach the goal of making full use of the renewable energy and saving the non-renewable fossil resources, significantly reduce the environmental pollution, save a lot of fresh water resources and improve the air quality。 The PV power plant will has a positive effect to the local environmental protection and air pollution reduction as well as energy saving, environmental protection and social benefits。  

Luntai Phase I 20MW PV power generation project, developed by Luntai Branch of CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co。 Ltd。, was ratified by Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in early November 2012 and started construction at the end of 2012。 The main body was completed in July 2013, despite of incomplete infrastructure and various difficulties。 The company has completed the construction of 18km long kv line with self-raised funds and the project was successfully connected to the grid for power generation on December 30, 2013。

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