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CECEP Xintai 20MW Mountain PV Power Plant connects to the power grid

Source: Author: Date:2015-07-20

At 10:30am, July 17, 2015, CECEP Xintai Mountain PV Power Plant was connected to the power grid for the pilot run, indicating that the first PV power generation project of Xintai was successfully connected to the power grid. This project fills in the blank of the PV application of Xintai and turns the 818mu barren mountain into a “gold mountain”.

CECEP Xintai Mountain PV Power Plant is the 9th power plant of the CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co. Ltd. in Shandong Province. This project is a key project of Taian, with a total investment about RMB180 million.

Solar PV power generation is a renewable energy industry that enjoys strong support from the government and has striking environmental protection and energy-saving effect. PV power generation is a high technology to generate electric power with solar energy. It is safe, reliable, and free of noise and pollution. Xintai Project can supply 23million kwh to the power grid a year, reduces emission of 25,000 tons of carbon oxide, effectively alleviates the local power shortage and supply sustainable, clean and safe energy for the local economic and social development.

大富翁水果机This project is located at the wasteland of Guzi Village, Zhaizhen Town, Xintai。 The mountainous area was barren, but in less than six months, a large PV power generation structure was erected。 The completion of the project is of profound significance for the optimization of the local power source structure, alleviation of the energy shortage, enhancement of the production of the solar energy power generation equipment and materials, expansion of the local solar energy utilization industrial chain, promotion of the green energy and energy saving and emission reduction。 Meanwhile, this project also enriches the PV industrial chain of this city and plays a demonstration and model role in the industrial structure readjustment。

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