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Domestic and foreign inventors visit Dongtai Power Station

Source: Author: Date:2015-09-28

The 1st大富翁水果机 World Invention and Innovation Forum was held between September 21 and 25, 2015 in Yancheng, Jiangsu province. On the afternoon of September 23, more than 100 domestic and foreign scientists from the U.S., Malaysia, UAE, Botswana and other countries visited CECEP Dongtai 78.8MW PV Power Station. Yu Hua, vice secretary-general of China Association of Inventions, accompanied the visitors.

At the top of the Comprehensive Building of Dongtai Power Station, the visitors were deeply impressed by the spectacular PV matrix。 The project staff introduced the characteristics, installation capacity, economic and environmental benefits of the fishery-solar energy complementary operation mode in Dongtai Power Station to the visitors。 The visitors highly praised the innovative development mode, the scientific and environmentally-friendly design, the wonderful industrial combination of quality light resource and ecological fishery in the power station。 Mohammed, director of the Laboratory of Applied Physics Department of University of Sharjah, and the staff from Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in China showed great interest in the project。 They inquired the operation of the power station and considered the feasibility of building PV power stations in their countries。

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