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Brief introduction for the 2MWP PV power station demonstration project of storage roof of Jiangyin Port International Logistics Co.,Ltd.

Source: Author: Date:2012-02-24

Jiangyin PV power station demonstration project locates in Jiangyin (subordinated to Wuxi area) city of Jiangsu Province with local annual average sunlight radiant quantity of 4680 MJ/m2. The project rents the 7 towers’ storage roof of Port International Logistics Co.,Ltd. with an area of 41680 square meters and 2MWp gross installed capacity.

This project is jointly funded by CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Port International Logistics Co.,Ltd., Jiangyin Lizhen New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd., and establishes joint project company CECEP Jiangyin Energy Conservation and Solar Energy Generation Co.,Ltd.. The estimated total investment of this project is 27,000,000 Yuan and the registered capital of Project Company is 10,170,000 Yuan. After construction, the annual average generation energy will be 2,066,000 watt-hours and 728 tons of standard coal will be reduced in a year, and the 2100 tons of carbon dioxide will be reduced in a year.

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