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CECEP Alxa League Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Source: Author: Date:2012-02-24

About us

hnology Co., Ltd was officially registered and established on April 19, 2010. The first phase 10MWp project of Luanjingtan PV grid-connected generation project of CECEP Alxa League Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd is the first 10MWp large desert PV power station invested and constructed by China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The planned total installed capacity of the project is 100MWp with the investment amount of about 2,200,000,000 Yuan, the planned construction in advance is 30 MWp with estimated investment of 700,000,000 Yuan, among which installed capacity of the first phase of the project is 10 MWp with the investment up to 220,000,000 Yuan, and it covers an area of 600 Mu and is planned to start the construction in July, 2010 and start grid generation in October, 2010, after that, the construction will be implemented by stages. After construction, the annual average on-grid energy will reach 17980.16 megawatts. It will save 5134 tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emission up to 15000 tons, reduce sulfur dioxide emission up to 450 tons, and reduce oxynitride emission up to 225 tons in a year. At the same time, it will have the positive promotion effect on optimizing the energy structure in Inner Mongolia area, improving the power supply structure in Inner Mongolia area, easing environmental pressure in Inner Mongolia area and accelerating the local economic and social development.

Luanjingtan PV grid-connected generation project of CECEP Alxa League Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd locates in ecological immigration demonstration district of Luanjingtan of Alxa League, that is, the north part of Jiaergalesaihan Town (southernmost side of Alxa League. The traffic of project location is very convenient, only 120km away from Bayanhante town of league government location of Alxa League, and only 42km away from Zhongwei Xiangshan airport, 55km away from Zhongwei city, 150km away from Yinchuan Hedong airport, about 42km away from Zhongwei railway station, 40km away from Yinngshui bridge railway freight station and 40 km away from 201 provincial road.

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