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CECEP Qinghai Da Qaidam Solar Energy Generation Co., Ltd.

Source: Author: Date:2012-02-24

About us

CECEP Qinghai Da Qaidam Solar Energy Generation Co., Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Its main business is the production and sales of solar energy generation; solar energy generation planning, technology R&D and design consultation and operation maintenance service; other related business: investment, construction, operation, maintenance and operating management of solar energy generation project; the company locates in Xitieshan town, Executive Committee Station of Da Qaidam, Haixi prefecture, Qinghai Province.

The Qinghai Xitieshan 300MWp PV power station project invested and constructed by our company is the large grid-connected PV power station project in Xitieshan area of Qinghai Province invested and constructed by our company。 This power station locates in Da Qaidam area of Haixi prefecture of Qinghai Province, about 73。0km away from Da Qaidam town (Executive Committee Station), 7。0 km north to Xitieshan twon and faces Xitieshan (salt lake) 330kV transformer substation to the north, about 300 m west to 215 national road。 The area terrain is high-lying north-east to south-west low, part of terrain is flat and open with surface covering layer of natural gravel and stratiform sandy soil。 The area terrain has slight salinization phenomenon and belongs to the State sand, bare soil desert area that doesn’t utilized。 The overall planned area is 10 square kilometers。 The altitude of project location is between 2860m and 2910m。 And the project location area is open with flat terrain and convenient traffic condition and good illumination condition; its average sunshine duration is 3257。4 hours and average water level radiant quantity is 6856。35 MJ/m2, annual average temperature is -5。6 degree to 5。2 degree, annual average amount of precipitation is 16。7 to 487。7 mm, which belongs to typical plateau continental climate; The power grid condition of the project location is favorable and is especially fit for constructing large grid-connected PV power station。

大富翁水果机The project maps out several kinds of support system, such as stationary support, homotaxial tracker support and biax tracker support。 And the component is planned to usevarious battery packs, such as monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, Si-based Film,and CdTe film。 We make every effort to construct this project into the national plateau PV power station with the largest scale, the most of support varieties and the most comprehensive battery types。 The first phase of project is to construct 10MWp with the total investment of 220,000,000 Yuan, now it is under the construction。

Since the establishment of the company, the company takes “gathering drips and creating infinity” as enterprise development idea and pays attention to develop and utilize human resources; the company continuously strengthen the enterprise strength and industriously implement project of energy saving and environmental protection industry and actively throw itself into the magnificent cause of west development and keep a foothold in Qinghai and face the nation by depending on new energy development, and taking energy saving and emission reduction, LC development as guidance and regarding booming western economy as its own mission. As the wholly-owned subsidiaries of CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., it will develop into the pacemaker in the solar energy generation field.

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