CECEP Jiangsu Sheyang Solar Energy 20MW PV Power Station in Intertidal Zone

Source: Author: Date:2012-02-24

Introduction of the Project

大富翁水果机CECEP Jiangsu Sheyang Solar Energy 20MW PV Power Station in Intertidal Zone was jointly invested and constructed by CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co。, Ltd (80% of contribution) and Jiangsu Zhenfa Solar Energy Technology Co。,Ltd。 (20% of contribution) with the total investment amount of 370,000,000 Yuan。 The power station locates under high pressure corridor of Liangang industrial zone, Sheyang county of Jiangsu Province, and occupies an area of about 800 Mu of intertidal zone。 This phase scale of the project is 20MWp and is divided into 20 matrix systems, which consist of 18 matrix systems of polycrystalline silicon fixed support, 1 matrix system of monocrystalline silicon homotaxial tracker and 1 matrix system of amorphous film battery。 The projects is started on September 1, 2010 and is planned to complete the whole project at the end of November and to start grid-connected generation in December。

CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. constructed 20MW PV power station in intertidal zone in Sheyang of Jiangsu Province, which not only complies with the national strategy of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, but also accords with the requirements of supporting the construction of PV power station by utilizing intertidal zone in Yancheng area that stipulated in Advice on PV Generation Promotion in Jiangsu Province (issued in June, 2009). Sheyang 20MW PV Power Station in Intertidal Zone is the first PV power station project implemented in Eastern China by CECEP and will gain the policy support form the government and gain sound economic benefit and provide expansive room for the CECEP development of PV cause in Jiangsu.

This power station can generate 2300kwh electricity in a year if its service life is 25 years. Compared with the thermal power generator set, it can save 8983 tons of standard coal in a year and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide up to 32246 tons. The company will develop tourist agriculture and fishery products. We will create the company into a new-type green power station integrated green ecology, tour, and science education base.

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