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CECEP Wuhan Solar Energy Generation Co., Ltd.

Source: Author: Date:2012-02-24

About us

Subordinated to CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co。, Ltd。, CECEP Wuhan Solar Energy Generation Co。, Ltd。 is the wholly-owned and holding subsidiary of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group and belongs to new energy power supply industry。 Its business involves: production and sales of solar energy generation; solar energy generation planning, technology R&D and design consultation and operation maintenance service, and manufacturing of generating system devices; investment, construction, operation, maintenance and operating management of solar energy generation project。 The management structure and organization structure of the company: general manager responsibility system, Comprehensive Management Department and Engineering Management Department have been established at present。

The company takes the Group’s strategic positioning and development objective as the guidance and concentrates on the development of renewable energy sources utilization technology ---- solar energy PV generation project。 At present, it has constructed the first railway megawatt-level solar energy project ---- Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail Wuhan railway station PV grid-connected generation projects in Wuhan city, Hubei Province。 This project was constructed for implementing scientific development perspective, supporting the construction of resource conservation and Environment friendly society in Hubei Province, supporting the Ministry of Railways to construct green and low carbon railway with energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection, and establish a sound image of energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon and integrated utilization of key resources for Hubei Province, Ministry of Railways and China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group。 This project started the construction in November, 2009, and finished debugging and the power station successfully started grid-connected generation at the end of April, 2010, now it is in normal operation。

The total investment amount of the project reaches 58,410,000 Yuan and the total installed capacity is 2.2 megawatts. After the construction, the annual generated energy will reach 2,000,000 kilowatt-hours; reduce the emission of carbon dioxide up to 1900 tons. In 25 years operation period, it will generate 50,000,000 kilowatt-hours electricity and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide up to 47500 tons. PV battery packs used by this project were all arranged on the metal roofs of the Wuhan railway station. This project is the building integrated PV project. This project occupies about 15000 square kilometers roof of railway station, and inserts into 380V electricity utilization system of Wuhan railway station, the generated electric power merges into the user’s side of the railway station for railway station use.

The electricity generated from Wuhan railway station PV grid-connected generation project that has integrated design and construction with railway station was directly used for the first class load for Wuhan railway station, which indeed achieves and reflects the energy saving and emission reduction idea and also reflects that the electricity generated from solar energy is safe and green。 This project was carried out by cooperating Railway Department with central SOE that specialized in energy saving and emission reduction。 It created a very effective and sound operation mode。 The project has been listed by Hunan Province in the State key demonstration projects of “Golden Sun Project”, and has created a good beginning and established solid foundation for the cooperation between Hubei Province and Ministry of Railways in the field of new energy。

In the future development of the road, CECEP Wuhan Solar Energy Generation Co。, Ltd。 will base itself on reality and continue to insist on “pragmaticism, harmony and innovation” enterprise spirit by combining the self development situation with the industry development situation, and make proper contributions to the sustainable development of energy conservation cause。

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